You need to watch the attached video. After that, you should pick one term or definition from the video and write the paper about it. Besides the information from the video, you should include MINIMUM OF TWO REFERENCES (and citations in the body of the paper).
The paper should be three paragraphs (each paragraph must be between 3 and 8 sentences each). At least one full page please.
Also, an important part should be Responding to the Postings of 5 PEERS. I will attach 5 peers’ postings and also examples of other peers’ comments of the postings to give you an idea of what kind of comments you should write. Response Postings should be substantive postings (offer new information), contributing to and advancing the examination of the questions at hand. So there shouldn’t be comments like “Great job, nice, etc”. Every response posting must include at least ONE REFERENCE and citation. Response postings must be at least TWO PARAGRAPHS (with 3 to 8 SENTENCES EACH).

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