Write 2 bullet points of key ideas as well as one question for discussion for the discussion. This can be in a bullet point format. Include your shape sheet as an attachment to your discussion posting.
Read the article about Language Hypotheses by Stephen Krashen and complete the shape sheet (Word doc in D2L). Include as an attachment to your discussion posting. (Everyone)
Read Chapter 2 in the Diaz-Rico text. (Last name M-Z)
Read chapter 2 in the SIOP book. (Everyone)
Read Zwiers, chapter 5 (Last name A-K)
Read pp. 18-30 in Tell Me How It Ends (Everyone)
Watch TED Talk “Don’t Kill your Language” and list 2-3 key ideas that the speaker discusses that provoke your thinking. (everyone)
Review one or two of the Content/Language objective materials linked in D2L and add two questions you still have about language and content objectives to your D2L posting. (Everyone)
My laset name is Ibrahim and this is my friend assigment you can rewrite it or get idea fro it

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