this has to be atleast 3 paragraph
Beginning: Presented with a choice
What was going on in your life, and how did the choice present itself to you? Briefly provide some context on why this choice had to be made. Things you can consider:
What was your life like?
What perspectives did you have?
Was there a specific moment that forced you to make the choice?
Middle: Making the Choice
Tell me when and why you made the choice you did? With detail (remember imagery, imagery, imagery!) Tell me all about this event. Things you can consider:
How did you feel when you knew a choice would need to be made?
How did you go about making the decision? Did you ask for help or do it all on your own?
Did you see yourself change at all?
End: The Reflection
How did you feel after you made the choice? With detail (remember imagery, imagery, imagery!) Tell me what
What were the outcomes?
How did you feel when you were making the choice?
Did you make the right choice?
If you could go back, would you make the same choice again?
here is something i wrote:
When I was young girl, I didnt think a perfect body existed. It wasnt until I began To go through puberty that i started to notice that society constructed this view that there is a “perfect body’ or an ideal body type. As my body began changing, I started looking at other and their changes.
I started looking in the mirror more, observing every little thing about appearance.

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