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Every family will experience tension and the need for time and money. How do families make time for themselves in addition to meeting the demands of life? Let’s consider the notable challenge of “balancing” work and family life for many families, and the need to find companies that recognize the importance of family-friendly policies.
First, you will need to read chapter 10.
Things to consider, work-life balance continues to be one of if not the top desire in a job; especially for working parents. In addition to the chapter reading, here are a few other sources to consider that affirm this.
New Research Reveals Americans, as Both Employers and Consumers, Value Family-Friendly Benefits Over More Costly Perks (
After reviewing chapter 10, you will need to choose a company to research…
The Research:
With what you learned from chapter 10 and the additional articles, each member of the group will research one company. It can be any company you are interested in or research a company you would like to work for in the future if you have an idea of what you want to do post-college (you may not and that’s ok!).
You will need to go to their company’s website and review how the company talks about employees and what it shares regarding employee support. Do your best to research the company’s work culture by reviewing the company’s policies and benefits provided to their employees as it relates to paid time off, sick leave, or personal time off (PTO), child care, flexible work schedules, maternity/paternity leave, wellness programs, company awards (e.g., “Top Work Places” or Forbes “Best Places to Work”), and other relevant methods designed to achieve a healthy work-life balance; particularly ones relevant to what chapter 10 presented.
*** This is NOT about presenting company benefits BUT researching the culture and philosophy of how they take care of their employees, which then translates into how they treat their employees through available benefits, policies, and programs***
Be sure to learn specifics as all US companies give time off, are required to follow federal laws related to FMLA, offer healthcare, etc. This means you may have to pick up the phone or email someone in HR as their websites will be generic about what they offer. If you cannot find enough information then I would encourage you to choose another company. You may also consider researching a database or a recruiting site like in addition to the company’s website. You must research the company’s website–DO NOT rely on recruiting sites like Glassdoor or alone for your information. You must research the company’s website but also find more information from other sources as well.
Do NOT copy and paste benefits and policies directly from a website you are using but present them in your own words.
DO NOT simply state that the company offers time off or offers flexibility; it is important to know how much and who is eligible. For example, share how long you have to wait to use vacation, or can you accrue more weeks each year the longer you are there? Do they offer telecommuting or compressed workweeks?
Here are some ideas of companies you may consider, but you do NOT have to use these options:
Fortune’s Great Places to Work for Parents (
Fortune & Great Place to Work:100 Best Companies to Work (
Note this list is based on and determined by Great Place to Work, which is considered the global authority on workplace culture.
Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work for (
Note this list is based on internal/employee reviews concerning their companies
The Assessment:
You will then need to share your findings with your assigned group such as state which company you chose and why, what the company’s policies and benefits are regarding the above-stated items, and finally, in what ways it relates to what we learned in chapter 10.
Last, make your conclusion and discuss why you believe the company you researched is family-friendly or not with their policies and if you would want to work for a company with such policies.
For this assignment, there is a prescribed format:
Introduction: which company you have chosen and why.
Body of your post: research your company to find the answer to these questions and make connections as much as possible to chapter 10.
Look at the company’s list of benefits and what they offer. You will usually find this under the “Careers” link on the website.
Remember to look for “code words” on the company website such as “work-life balance,” “flexibility,” “support our employees,” “taking care of our people…” and reference to work-from-home or telecommuting options as these can point to the company’s flexibility and wanting to work with employees and their families/lives. Some companies have also posted short videos that underscore a certain benefit or explain the work culture; even written/video testimonials from employees can be powerful ways companies communicate their views and values about how they treat their employees.
Look specifically for family-oriented benefits: what kind of Family & Parenting benefits, perks, and programs do they offer such as maternity/paternity leave, IVF coverage, adoption assistance, working from home options, on-site childcare, or childcare voucher, lactation rooms, and any parental support programs…
Paid time such as holidays, sabbaticals, sick days, wellness…
Any awards or honors your company has received for being a great place to work
Not required BUT you may also present any perks that you believe contribute to the work/life balance and positive work culture.
Make sure you establish throughout your post that you make comparisons/connections concerning how your company’s policies and benefits relate to what we learned in chapter 10. THIS IS CRITICAL. Without application and discussion of chapter 10 and proper research of the company, your post cannot receive full marks.
Conclusion: finish your assessment by stating whether this company is family-friendly or not and why based on your research. Also, consider including any recommendations and issues based on chapter 10 that support your assessment.
You will also need to respond to others in this conversation and your peer responses discuss the similarities and differences in the policies and if anything surprised you. Also, after learning about the company’s benefits and workplace environment, do you agree with your classmates’ assessment regarding how family-friendly they are?
Please post your findings by clicking on the reply button.
As always remember to always:
Be sure to post your references for the information you retrieved about your chosen company for this assignment in addition to the chapter ten application.
Meet all points of the criteria.
Use course material from chapter 10 to support your conclusions in addition to other resources you used for your research.
Respond to at least 3 others in your group. As always be sure to move the conversation forward and ask other members of the group questions about their findings.

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