Review the Case Study Rubric [DOCX].
Read the following case study:
Zappos: Applying Promotional Strategy Online
Direct sales through websites have changed the marketplace tremendously in the last 5-10 years. The websites themselves have brought both marketing challenges and opportunities. The use of search engines and social network media has also changed the traditional promotional strategy choices. is an example of a retailer that sells entirely online, with no “brick and mortar” stores. Because of this, their promotional strategy is a little different than traditional retailers.
In a Word document, using the online resources listed below, as well as other online research you may locate, write a 1-2 page paper on covering the following topics:
How does achieve the goals of promotional strategy? (Refer to Chapter 8 of your text and to the Module 8 lecture for those goals.) Are all of these promotional strategy goals relevant to their business model? Give specific examples of how works to achieve each of those goals (if relevant).
Do you expect to be around in five years? Why or why not? What changes, additions, or adjustments would you suggest for their future business strategy in order for them to stay in business?
Here are some online resources, but you may want to find other resources as well. If you use additional online resources, please list them at the end of your paper.
Zappos — Wikipedia
Facebook Ads: How Manages a $10 million Strategy
The Secrets to Zappos’ Success | Money | US News

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