Review Iuiga’s Challenge: Is Omni-Channel Worth It? in your HB Coursepack and answer the following question (s) in a three- to four-page, APA style paper, using calculations where necessary to provide support.
Your answers for the case should be double-spaced, using Times New Roman (12) font. Citations or references are required.
Analyze the data available when Luiga sold only through the online channel:
Dertermine the unique number of customers who bought from Luiga in stage one.
Plot the following variables over time a) unit sales and b) average basket size (units sold and dollars). Are the unit sales growing, slowing down or have they plateaued? What is the trend in basket size? Is there a threshold that you observe for basket size, and why?
Are there additional variables that would help you understand Iuiga’s situation better?
If you were a decision maker at Iuiga, what would you do next and why?

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