Resilience Survey Reflection Paper is a personal reflection paper where the writer is asked to complete an instructor-provided resilience survey and then are asked to discuss their thoughts regarding the results by considering the following points:
1) Describe what feelings or reactions you had upon learning your survey results.
2) Reflect on how your lived experiences may have influenced your resilience score.
3) Reflect on how knowing your resilience survey results may affect your future actions and decisions in different aspects of your life.
The paper will be a maximum of 1000 words excluding the title page and any references. There is no need to use any sources outside of the INTD 247 Modules’ content.
Please use the following link to access the quiz titled “How Resilient Are You?” to get your resilience score:
This survay is design for workers, please write this reflection paper using the point of students.
Please don’t use any outside source.

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