I. Choose one (1) of the following questions below and answer it in an essay of 3-4 pages. You may
format the essay as you
wish (for example, with an intro and a thesis, or thesis with no intro; 4,
5, or 6 paragraphs…) Be to have a clear and specific
thesis statement and to begin each
paragraph with an arguable topic sentence and to support the claim you make in this
with evidence cited from the texts of the poems and precise explanations connecting the
evidence to the claim.
2. Compare and contrast any two poems from the poetry pdf.
3. How can Yeats’ “Leda and the Swan” be understood to be about the relation of the
sensory to meaning, power to
knowledge? What is at stake in this relation, and how does
the poem present different possible ways of understanding this
4. How can Yeats’ “Among School Children” be understood to articulate sign and idea,
body and spirit? Explain how in the
same poem grammar interferes with rhetoric and how this
interference may lead to a different understanding of the way
poetic signs and signs in general
View attached PDF for Poetry Texts.

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