For your 3rd writing assignment, you have read articles in Chapter 4 about what factors make a child prodigy. Beneath the points of the articles is the debate about the influences on our lives: Nature vs. Nurture. You will use these articles’ important points and key supporting details to help develop your persuasive argument and composition. You will then share the points and arguments of the article in group and class discussions. After discussing/sharing your position and points (reasons of your position) you will write a four-paragraph persuasive essay in response to the article. You will use Persuasive Tactics to persuade your readers of your position on the article. To assist you with your persuasive paper, identify pro and con arguments on nature vs. nurture. You will follow all uploaded files, not research any page, and write in your word. I have given you some examples of writing it my professor needs. According to two articles in the book, which I share.

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