For this task, you will be asked to produce an interim plan for your Final Report.
In this plan, you should outline what you will include in each of the report sections:
Ø In the plan for your Introduction, we would expect you to include a definition of key terms, indicate how you would evidence the claim that there is a climate crisis and, finally, provide an overview of the structure of the Report.
Ø In your Findings section, we would expect you to indicate the order in which you will summarise your chosen articles and the rationale for that choice. Try to answer the following questions:
– What do the banks / MNCs claim they are doing?
– What are the similarities and differences in their responses to the crisis?
We would also expect you to explain how you will relate the independent sources with the bank sustainability reports.
Ø In your Evaluation section, you will be expected to consider the following questions:
– How successful have banks / MNCs been in addressing this challenge?
– Compare your 3 bank / MNCs. Which is doing better/worse? Why?
– What is lacking in their responses? What should they be doing? Why?
Your plan needs to address the issues above without necessarily containing the level of detail contained in the final report. As far as possible, you should:
– write your plan in bullet points – the points you wish to make are important, not the language/structure at this point.
– use citations (with page numbers) for each supporting point / piece of evidence you use from the articles or reports you have read.
You may find it useful to organise your plan using a table (see below)

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