1. Report – (50%)
“It is widely agreed that to avoid the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change
the world needs to attain carbon zero emissions by 2050.” Write a report in which you
outline the role that Multinational Corporations (MNCs) can and should play in meeting this challenge.
In your report you should consider the following –
– What have businesses/banks done to meet the challenges posed by Climate Change?
– To what extent have these measures been successful?
– What more do banks /businesses need to do?
– How likely is that banks / businesses will carry out the required measures by 2050?
You MUST select at least two UK MNCs. You can choose one non-UK MNC.
The MNCs must be in the same sector.
You should select 6-8 sources (at least 75% of these sources MUST be English language). Where possible, you should try to use NELSON. Your sources will include:
● company reports of MNCs
● independent sources, e.g. financial press (McKinsey, Economist, FT), academic journals, NGO websites / reports
If your sources are not reliable, you could lose marks. You should use the CRAAP criteria to help you with your selection.
(1800 – 2000 words)
Possible structure:
Executive summary (not included in the word count)
Intro (300-350 words) – establish the issue of climate change and the responsibilities of businesses in addressing this
What evidence is there that climate change is happening, it is global and its effects are potentially catastrophic?
Why is it felt that businesses have a responsibility to address this challenge?
How will the report be structured?
Findings (450-500 words) – Report on what you have learnt about businesses’ current activities:
What do businesses claim they are doing?
What are the similarities and differences in the response to the challenge demonstrated by your chosen businesses (within the same sector)?
Evaluation (550-600 words) – Critically assess the strengths and weaknesses in the businesses’ responses:
How successful have Businesses been in addressing this challenge?
What is lacking in their responses?
Recommendations (250-300 words) – Provide at least 4 recommendations for actions to be taken by businesses to better address the challenge of climate change.
What more do businesses need to do?
Why are the recommended actions necessary?
How might these be implemented?
Conclusion (150-200 words) – Briefly summarise your findings.
How likely is it that businesses will carry out the required measures by 2050?

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