Your essay should present a clear argument that is supported by evidence from outside sources.
Research your topic using scholarly sources from the SMC library
Based on the evidence you find, craft a thesis/argument that supports your perspective on the issue
Present your research, evidence, and argument in a well-organized essay
Explain the topic’s effects on the historical time period and the present
Here are some guiding questions to help you think about your topic:
How and why is this issue significant in US history?
What events, people, and trends have been most important in this issue?
How have historians interpreted this issue? Do they disagree, and if so, why?
What is your perspective on this issue? Use the evidence you gathered in your scholarly sources to support your perspective
Essay Requirements
1,500-1800 words (approximately 6-7 pages double spaced)
Your essay must have a clear thesis and argument
You must use at least 3 scholarly sources (see “Bibliography” section below)
It should include at least 4 quotations from your sources (quotes should not be more than a sentence in length)
You do not need to include a reflection if you write a research essay
Learning Goals
Demonstrate historical thinking skills in an argument, prove that argument using primary and secondary source evidence
Research, analyze, and discuss a historical issue
Demonstrate creativity and insight
Present a clear and well-researched argument/point of view about a historical issue

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