Write a two-page (approximately 500 word) double-spaced document in Microsoft Word addressing the items below. Be sure to provide sufficient detail and use course terminology correctly in your work. For this writing assignment, you will analyze the role of particular others and the generalized other in the development of your own sense of self.
Begin by listing at least 20 responses to the stem “I am…” Your responses may be nouns or adjectives.
Tip: If you have difficulty generating 20 responses, perhaps think about different dimensions of the self (physical, emotional, social, and moral) or how you would respond in different contexts.
Please include your 20 responses in your writing assignment. However, your 20 responses will not count toward your suggested word count (approximately 500 words).
Next, identify one particular other who influenced the development of your sense of self.
Describe that person’s role in your life.
Provide two examples of how that particular other communicated direct definitions, reflected appraisals, or identify scripts, or how that particular other promoted an attachment style, as reflected in your “I am…” responses.
Finally, clearly describe how one institution (or entity) in the generalized other impacted your sense of self, as reflected in your “I am…” responses.

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