We’ve been having some trouble with the art department. The art director thinks that ads just have to be eye catching. He does not believe that elements of ads should be designed to influence the consumer decision-making process. Walter Patrick has asked us to use ads in our local magazine, Wacoan, to show that ads are more than just pretty pictures and clever words. Pick up a Wacoan magazine for May or view it here ( http://magazine.wacoan.com/may-2021/page-1). Click on the cover and you will be able to view the magazine page by page.
Your assignment is to identify the consumer behavior concepts identified in our training manual (chapter 6) in ads that you see. For instance, on pages 8 & 9 there is an ad for a realtor. Purchasing a home is a purchase with extensive involvement. That concept is illustrated in the ad, because there is lots of material, but if you were in the market for an ad, you might easily read the entire ad.
Identify 5 ads that illustrate a consumer behavior concept. Cite the page number, the concept and how the ad illustrates the concept. If you have questions, you might visit with each other in the break room.
TIP: Be sure you locate ads that illustrate 5 different concepts. In other words do not cite 3 ads that illustrate family life cycle or 3 ads that illustrate gender. And be sure you explain how the ad you chose illustrates the concept.)

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