week 3 assigment
While reflecting on your discussion related to how communication impacts project success, you realize there is an opportunity to better promote the importance of having a communication management plan while also motivating and inspiring your team. You decided to develop a quick presentation highlighting some of the things you have discussed in the communication plan thus far, the project scope, and examples of project failures when teams do not communicate with each other, and examples of success when teams buy-in and implement a communication management plan.
Using PowerPoint, develop a presentation with 5-10 slides promoting the importance of having and implementing a communication plan for this project. This presentation should be fun, engaging, informative, and display your leadership style. You have the opportunity to show your team the power of communication using this presentation approach while also displaying your leadership style throughout the organization.
Make sure to use your speaker notes (under the bottom of slides) to narrate your presentation materials, topics, images, etc. Remember that the slides are used to organize the topics you are presenting, while the speaker notes are used to narrate (explain, elaborate, etc.) your presentation. Use the slides to organize your topics, provide bullets and terms, and include pictures, charts, and examples to provide visual aids for your audience. Your presentation must be professional, organized, informative, and creative.

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