Using Plato’s Phaedrus as a basis for your argument, answer the question: Is the reader responsible for their interpretation of a text, or is the writer primarily responsible?Or is the responsibility for the impact of a work the responsibility of both parties? You
must use at least one other of the following sources to supplement your argument: Donald Murray’s “All Writing is Autobiography,” James Porter’s “Intertextuality,” Andy Medhurst’s “Batman, Deviance, and Camp,” and/or Oscar Wilde’s “Preface” to The Picture of Dorian Gray to back up or further explain your claim. The thesis for this paper must answer these questions: Who is more responsible for the interpretation of the text, the writer or reader, or is it both?
Why? Use your sources to support your answer.
Questions to consider (Note these are not questions that necessarily have to be answered
in the paper. They are meant to help you brainstorm):
1. Do you believe texts can corrupt a reader, viewer, or listener?
2. What about texts that are intended to incite violence or illicit behavior?
3. Do you believe there is dangerous knowledge in the world? If so, do you believe
that some people should not be allowed to have access to it?
4. Why is this a conversation we are still having? Plato wrote over 2300 years ago,
and yet there are many modern examples of his same argument?
The purpose of these essay options is to get you thinking about the author’s, and thus your own, place in the creative process. Furthermore, it is meant to get you thinking about concepts of originality, as well as the responsibility of the reader and writer in
interpretation. It is also meant to get you thinking about how texts connect across time, and how they work together like an ongoing conversation; a conversation that you are about to join with your claim.
All options for this paper must:
• Be 4-5 full pages in length, double spaced, Font size 12 Times New Roman
• Have an interesting title
• Be In MLA Format
• Have a strong, clear thesis
• Have a comprehensive claim supported by evidence pertinent to the discussion
• Evidence from 2 of the assigned sources with in-essay MLA citations
• Evidence from the texts in each body paragraph.
• Have a comprehensive claim supported by evidence pertinent to the discussion
• Have in-text citations in MLA format
• Can be in 1st or 3rd person
• A Works Cited Page

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