This essay should be typed in a Word document.
This essay should be written in APA format, to include a cover page and reference page.
The essay will need to be between 3- 5 pages long not including the cover page and reference page.
It is required to utilize a minimum of 4 evidence-based sources to support your responses.
Choose three of the prompts below and respond to them.
A 37-year-old woman is 2 months pregnant and has a history of alcohol intake of one to two drinks per day. She states, “My coworker told me that drinking alcohol can harm my baby.” She asks you “how having a drink or two every day can harm her baby?”. What would you respond? Discuss the effects of fetal alcohol syndrome.
A young mother has her 2-week-old infant at the clinic for a well-baby check-up. She is concerned because her baby has been exposed to chickenpox. She states, “What am I going to do? I didn’t know my friend’s son had just gotten over the chickenpox. Will my baby get chickenpox?” In talking with this mother, the nurse explains passive and active immunity. What key point should the nurse be sure to mention?
A middle-aged male client comes into the health clinic for seasonal allergy relief. He asks “Why he suffers from allergies and his wife doesn’t, when they live in the same house and are exposed to the same things? You ask him if he has any food allergies, and he responds with yes, “I am also allergic to shrimp!”. As the clinic educator you explain to him, what desensitization is and how does it work to relieve allergy symptoms? You also explain why epinephrine is given to patients having an anaphylactic reaction and how it works?

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