This assignment will get you accustomed to seeing art and analyzing it. Look around your community, through the web, or from memory, and find three artworks that have been displayed in parks, courthouses, churches, stores, office buildings, JALC, or any other schools and other places. Discuss the aesthetic value systems that seem to have been at work when the art was produced and/or selected for its location. How might each work express “who we are” for the people who inhabit those buildings?
Example: I went to a hospital and there were landscape paintings that had the color scheme of purple and green (that match the furniture). The artwork was perfect for that area due to fact that there were many landscape areas in Southern Illinois. It gives a calming affect for the patients that come to the hospital.
Aesthetic – A guiding principal in matters of artistic beauty. Aesthetics is also the feeling that you get when look at art. It has to do with the senses (For example: sight, touch, etc.)
Please type your responses using double-spacing, 12 or 14 point font , MLA style (see the MLA style example under the “IMPORTANT” tab). Five points will be taken off for papers not in full MLA format.
You should have at least one paragraph for each artwork. Be sure to give the artist’s name (if available) and the location of the artwork. The artwork can be sculpture, paintings, photography, drawings, architecture, etc. Describe the artwork in detail. If you are at home most of the time, use your memory on artwork you have seen in public or Google public art in your town.
If I have difficulty opening your paper, I will send a message to your grade item and let you know you need to upload it again in a different format.

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