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Jacqueline Booye (She/Her)
The concept of motherhood did impact women. They were projected as the little woman in the kitchen, serving and doting on their husbands. Women were not (and can still not be) taken seriously because they were seen as only mothers. Society did not see them as anything else for a long time. In using their roles as mothers to get a foot in the door it also caused the door to slam shut on them. It did help them but at the same time it hurt their chances later down the line.
As stated in the article, women demanded to be acknowledged and have a holiday that represented their contributions, independence and value. The response was Mother’s Day. According to the article, women and activists had hoped the holiday would be a catalyst for legislation, rights and an acknowledgment of women. Unfortunately it was mainly an acknowledgment of women being mothers. The value they have in society was defined by their household status. Women were limited to temporary (or at least understood to be temporary to some) entrance to the workforce but only when their husbands were pulled to duty during the war. They were given acknowledgment out of necessity not out of equality. It was discussed about how all the programs that were benefiting women were pulled once they ran out of usefulness. Women going by republican motherhood were able to get so far because of how they were depicted.
Despite the limitations, women did benefit from using motherhood. They did manage to get their foot in the door and that helped years later. While women did not see any equality, today there is more than there once was. The path paved by women back then has allowed for women to have a bigger draw of support. Women hold the same jobs men do while still also being mothers (not in all cases). Women also own businesses, hold jobs in government, and serve in the military. They still have experienced some benefits from republican motherhood as well as limits.

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