Review Chapter 1, “What Do We Mean by Leadership?”, in our textbook. As you review, reflect upon the definitions of leadership and how these definitions and other aspects of leadership add to your prior understanding of a leader’s role in an organization.
Conduct a critical analysis of the postings by two of your classmates by the end of the workshop and should be written as if you were reviewing their posting in an academic journal. Your discussion response should, therefore, answer the following questions as applicable:
Were three leadership definitions clearly defined with examples and clear, insightful critical thinking? Comment on two of the three definitions of leadership presented in the post of your classmates. Do you agree or disagree with their interpretation of the definition of leadership? Provide rationale from personal examples or subject matter expert opinions.
Did the discussion of leadership as an art or a science include a detailed explanation that demonstrates clear, insightful critical thinking? Review your classmates’ posts. Does their explanation support defining leadership as either an “art” or a “science”? Explain.
Was the concept of spiritual gifts effectively discussed, relating the concept to that of leadership styles?
In addition to commenting on the critical thinking displayed in the post, offer your comments on the original post and provide your overall agreement or disagreement with the poster’s concept of leadership. Your response to each question above should be one paragraph in length and cite one academic source.

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