My problem statement is: The purpose of this quantitative correlational study is to examine the relationship between the perception of business leaders’ knowledge of using workforce analytics to improve organizational productivity. (This can be changed or revised).
The independent variables are (a) employee management / engagement (b) retention (c) training efficiency. The dependent variable is organizational productivity.
Problem Statement (not to exceed 150 words): thorough and detailed problem statement that includes four specific components: the hook, anchor, general business problem, and specific business problem.
Purpose Statement (not to exceed 200 words): detailed purpose statement that identifies the research method, the research design, independent and dependent variables, specific population group, geographic location, and the contribution to social change is described.
Nature of the Study (not to exceed 1 page): a single paragraph for each component: thorough and detailed nature of the study section that identifies the selection of one method and why other methods would not work, including at least one citation as well as identifies the selection of the design and why it was selected over other designs, including at least one citation.
Research Question(s) and Hypotheses (20 words max per item): presents research questions that align with the problem statement, and hypotheses are identified with research questions
Theoretical Framework (not to exceed 1 page): thorough and detailed theoretical framework that includes the name of the framework, name of the theorist (if applicable), lists key concepts, identifies key propositions, and identifies the application to his/her study.
References page: several peer-reviewed references in proper APA format in his/her Reference section. All references are correctly formatted, current, and relevant to the study.
Critical Thinking: critical analysis and thinking; careful examination is made of assumptions and possible biases, with detailed supporting rationale. Writing synthesizes the classroom experiences and content; analyze patterns or connections between theory and practice; and draws logical conclusions based on well-reasoned, superb arguments.

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