Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with the opportunity to determine possible decision-making outcomes based on the information provided. The goal is to measure how you optimize implicit and explicit information to maximize profits while conveying personal empathy and a sense of faith in each outcome.
Parameters: This week. you will work with your group to focus on sustainability, to save the bats and the power plant by completing a series of questions. Each team will work together to answer each question in a 150-175 word explanation (ref. detailed information attached). Only one member of your group should submit the Word document to the assignment link for each part. I will post the winner of Part 4 via the class-wide Discussion Board Forum entitled “Save the Bats Winners”.
Prompt: For Part 4, you will work with your team members to answer the questions provided on the instructions documents. You will answer the questions in a word document. One member of your group will submit the document to this assignment submission link.
PLease answer the questions in the file provided and use the GOVT REP copy doc to continue the project
Q-4: did not fully explain specific plans to protect the bats. Suggest a set of scripture quotes with relevant explanation. Q-1: did not specifically address the constraints of demand change & how this would affect decision. No input from the Public Activist.(Professor comment of my previous work).FILE :GOVT REP

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