Psychedelic Rock Research/Presentations – Read the entire instructions!
Purpose: The main purpose of this research/presentation project is to gather information on a particular topic within psychology and in relation to a particular rock and roll artist/band, that you can present on Canvas. You may work on your own, or select a partner. Groups of no more than two (2) people, please.
Task: The following should be used as a guide to help you through the research process:
Select one (1) psychological topic from the following: a specific psychological disorder (There are over 250 to choose from, I can help!), neuroscience of creativity/music, a specific theory of personality (see chapter 13), a topic within social psychology (see chapter 12).
Select an artist or band to connect to the psychological topic you have chosen from above. Your band must come from the 50’s-90’s though they can still be actively performing today. For example, you may select Major Depressive Disorder (a psychological disorder) and the band Nirvana. The connection would be that Kurt Cobain suffered from a Major Depressive Disorder. Another example would be selecting Schizophrenia and connecting that to Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys.
Research your topic and your artist/band. The library/research modules posted for this class are a great resource to view before you begin. Research Guide for Music
(Links to an external site.)
Research Guide for Psychology
(Links to an external site.)
You need to find 6 credible sources. At least 4 of the 6 sources need to be academic journal articles/books. Some books – please ask us – will count as 2 sources. If you have questions about the credibility of a source – please ask. Your Psychology textbook can NOT be used for a write up. This is Your Brain on Music can be used. Stay away from Fan pages or blogs, though photos could come from these sources.
After reading your sources, type a 425-500 word summary for each source. (These are worth 90 of the total points) Cite in APA format at the top of the summary. (See “Sample Write Up” on Canvas.) ***YOU CANNOT USE YOUR TEXTBOOK AS A WRITE UP SOURCE***
Create a 14-20 slide PowerPoint (preferred), or equivalent in Prezi or Google Slides. You will need to include a work’s cited slide addressing all sources used. You can/should use more than the minimum 6 sources mentioned above, but you are only required to submit a written summary for 6 sources. Remember, you need to include citations for pictures used in PowerPoint slides and any information that has contributed to your understanding of the topic you have chosen. *Bonus points if you submit your presentation as a video, or audio over Power Point slides.
Criteria for Success: When your research and product is finished, you will submit the following on Canvas:
a. Cover sheet with your name
b. APA citation a 425-500 word write up for all 6 sources. 12 font and 1.5 spacing. See example on Canvas.
c. Works cited page in APA format for all of your sources .
d. Your Power point presentation.
Power Point Presentations should include the following:
1 slide: Title Page with your name on it.
1-2 slides: A brief introduction to the topic: why you chose it, perhaps
10-12 slides: Analysis of topic with details and examples
Be sure to include sufficient information about the music.
Some samples of the music you are presenting – required
1-2 slides: Conclusion and summary
1-3 Slides: bibliography.
If you turn in only the power point OR only the summaries, the most points you can receive are 50.
The presentation is due on June 14th, however, if you turn it in between June 11th and 12th you will receive 10 points extra credit. If you turn it in on the 13th, you will receive 5 points extra credit.

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