Propose a program, or a new policy aimed at supporting women impacted by the health issue you selected in Week 1. For this assignment, you will submit two work products.
1. A 1-2 page overview of the program you propose OR a copy of an existing policy you want to change and the changes you want to make OR an outline of the new policy you want to write. You are not official policy writers, I know this. Write with heart and fact. Formatting is less of a concern to me in this case.
2. A PowerPoint (PPT) presentation designed to give an audience an overview of the who, what, when, why, and how. You must have 12-17 slides, including, a title slide and reference slide. Imagine you are presenting your final to an audience and be sure to give us the information we need, without putting every single piece of research into the presentation.
Presentation tip: The research process your journey. You must go through the research process before you can be informed and confident enough to present information to other people. It’s easy to dig in and become passionate about your topic. However, a presentation is your opportunity to succinctly inspire others and share the why.

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