Write an essay analyzing a “debatable” topic based on the play Hamlet.
[R] Demonstrating Understanding of Content: Identify the most important ideas and supporting details in the text that reinforce the argument being made in writing.
[R] Analysing Texts: Analyse the text in terms of the information, ideas, issues, or themes explored, examining how various aspects of the text contribute to the development of these elements.
[W] Research: Locate and select the most significant details from the text to fully and effectively support ideas for writing.
[W] Form: Write for a specific purpose using a literary analysis form.
Four-five pages (1000-1500 words)
Typed, double-spaced, left justified, 12-point font, page numbers & header
Use MLA formatting throughout – this includes a Works Cited page and embedded citations
Includes quotes and/or paraphrasing in all body paragraphs to support the argument
Written using proper literary analysis formatting (formal English, present tense, play title italicized)
No outside (secondary) research is required, but if any is used, it must be properly cited (both in embedded citations and on the Works Cited page)

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