Key points: SOAP = Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan. A common mistake students make is to combine the ROS (review of systems) with the physical exam. However, the ROS is subjective—what the patient tells you. The PE is objective: your observation through examining the patient. The ROS belongs in the Subjective portion and the Physical exam belongs in the Objective portion of the note. For assessment section please provide additional differential diagnoses of what the patient might be presenting with, making note of the actual diagnosis form the list of differentials.
I placed an attachment of the rubric and template.
extra comments of the professor: Allergies: must include medication, environment, food.
Mention all vaccines that need to be completed up to their age.
Write if their circumcised.
Include percentile that they fall into for up to age 21.
Brief Summary: relate how those diagnosis match up.

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