Informal writing exercise 10: Paragraph cohesion 3
As the course materials on cohesion describe, there are two common ways of linking sentences within a paragraph, and paragraphs within a section: start-to-start and end-to-start. The first keeps the focus on the same primary idea, allowing you to develop it in greater detail, and to analyze different aspects of an idea or topic. Here the topic of each paragraph or sentence remains the same throughout. The second structure allows you to move from one idea to another, which is particularly useful when you want to narrate or describe an event or process. In this case the object of the previous sentence becomes the subject of the following sentence.
Working individually or in groups, draft three paragraphs (150-250 words each) briefly introducing new students to the GWrit system, linking your paragraphs and the sentences within each paragraph using both the start-to-start and end-to-start structure. As well, make sure that you have clear topic sentences and transitions.
Your first paragraph should give an overview of the system: its purpose, where it can be found, what functions it offers, and so on. Use either end-to-start or start-to-start, or a mix.
Your second paragraph should describe the process for using the system: what steps are required to create an account, a draft, comments? How do you submit your assignment? Etc. Focus on the mechanics of using the system, rather than going into what makes for a good assignment. A step-by-step narration would likely be best here: use an end-to-start structure.
Your final paragraph should describe the commenting process: what makes for a good or a bad comment? What different types of comments are there? Etc. You can use whichever structure you’d like, or a mix, although a start-to-start format may be most useful.
Submit your comparison through the link provided on eClass; you can write this individually or in groups, but you must submit an individual copy through eClass.

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