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The Nursing Process and
the Community: Describe the application of the nursing process to community
There are important connections between community
nursing and the welfare of community stakeholders. The wellness of a large
patient population is correlated with the extent to which community
stakeholders are working collaboratively to manage public health risks and
develop resources that can support long-term health outcomes. Best practices
for public health management are often promoted through active collaboration up
and down a continuum of care. This includes developing relationships with
community leaders and a variety of stakeholder groups. Hospital administrators
and nurse practitioners are very much connected to the health and welfare of
their communities. This is true in a number of ways, including by supporting
health promotion and increasing the health literacy of a patient population
(Limonges & Acorn, 2018). Community health nurses can profoundly impact
social determinants of health by increasing access to information and
developing a toolkit of community and online resources. These resources are
especially impactful for traditionally underserved and vulnerable communities.
It is very important for community health nurses
to routinely evaluate community resources as part of a comprehensive
assessment. Doing so can help identify gaps in resource delivery that can
increase the quality and timeliness of service delivery. In addition, community
assessment helps nurse leaders quickly identify emergent health risks and
trends that can undermine long-term health (Orgi et al., 2017). This type of
active community assessment has been especially important during the COVID-19
pandemic, during which access to accurate information and immunizations can
represent they like changing resource, especially for vulnerable populations.
Nurses can support community health when they are motivated to get outside the
four walls of the clinic to actively survey surrounding neighborhoods and
develop an inventory of supportive resources based on identified public health
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