I am requsting a student appeal for grades on my transcripts to be removed. Please help me write a letter. Attached I have the instuctrions they are requesting. When turing in my letter i will have supporting documents to support my problem occuring each semster. I will Have a postive covid test requesting an appeal for Fall semsmter of 2020 grades to be removed. For spring of 2021 a death in my family happened (my great grandmother) so I was depressed and had to take an increase in my work hours to help out with medical bills and home bills too. I will have pay stubs and death certifate along. Summer of 2021 another death in family happed, my younger sister got shot and died so this made a HUGE impacted on my education, i was not focused and again which lead to working overtime leading into me not succeding in my classes. However now i have became more stable, i am now working a part time job within my career choose that allows me more time to focus and study. I am determined to graduate and i will do anything from now on ti succeed. please after elaborating on each event mention the supporting document i will have please

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