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Listening allows us to receive communication from others. As this chapter describes, listening is an active process that can be impacted negatively by many different barriers. In this assignment, we will examine the specific barriers that have occurred in our past listening during communication to be able to develop specific plans for overcoming these barriers to be better listeners. Whether it is with family and friends or in the workplace with coworkers and managers, being a good listener is important.
For this assignment, you will…
Review the four listening barriers from chapter 3 (pages 60-62).
Describe a specific example from your life of when each barrier has occurred.
Then, explain using detail how you could have avoided each of the barriers to be a better listener.
Write your assignment using complete sentences and paragraphs and following spelling and grammar rules. Review the assignment rubric for how the assignment will be graded and to be sure that you meet each grading criteria.

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