Guidelines Original Post
You need to look at 3 different topics (one for each article).
You need to have at minimum, 2 of the different locations (local- Houston Tx., regional, national).
Please start each “article” section with the title of public health issue—the medium that it was found in—and the method for the article to be retrieved (such as a URL address).
Every day, newspaper headlines address public health issues. Many times, the headlines are contradictory, and it is difficult for the average person to figure out what information will be provided. Find three articles from a local, regional, or national newspaper (Please identify how you located the newspaper and the actual website for the newspaper). Examine the articles and answer the following questions for each article:
What concerns, if any, would you have about these individual articles?
Where would you go for additional information to verify the information presented?
Identify at least one prevention strategy included in the article that could be implemented at the local level.
If your patient gave this article to you at a healthcare visit–how would you address this information. You will need to give your patient credible source—what would you give it to them—how does this new information differ from the original article.

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