For this first discussion, first read over my powerpoint notes for chapters 1 and 2 (Chapter 1.pptx and chapter 2.pptx) as well as the textbook. You will find in there a brief section on social norms. Then, read this short article:
After you have read through everything, please answer the following:
1) In the article, sexual harassment and norms are discussed. Do you feel what is described in this article would work with other issues/problems that occur on college campuses? Explain why or why not.
2) Think about a social/cultural/gender norm that you do not follow, and why you disagree with it. Why do you not follow this norm? What about one that you DO follow – why?
3) For either the norm you discuss in #2 as following, or not following, discuss why you feel that most people agree with the norm, or privately disagree. Explain why you feel this way.
For your two follow-up posts to a classmate, compare and contrast the norms you discussed with the ones they discussed. For example, do you think it is surprising that they go against a certain norm? Why? Are they similar or have similarly discussed reasons for how they developed in society? Do you agree with their views on the article I linked? Why or why not? Also, in your response to a classmate posting, discuss if you feel there are gender differences in the norm they discussed. If so, why are there gender differences? If not, also why?

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