Exam Content
Purpose of Assessment
In this assignment, you analyze the organization you assessed in Week 2 and apply leadership theories and approaches to support organizational change that aligns to the organization’s mission and values. You will be measured on how you justify your assessment of the leadership approach.
Note: Single spaced assignments will not be accepted.
Do not copy information from a previous assignment. Check your SafeAssign Score. If it is above 20 percent, ensure you revise your information.
Read the instructions for the assignment carefully and ensure you answer all the questions in your work. Do not copy information from a previous assignment.
Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper for your Leadership Styles Rationale. Address the following in your paper:
Restate the needed change within the organization.
Analyze the various leadership styles you explored in Week 3 in the context of the organizational culture and proposed change.
Justify which leadership style or approach would best support the organizational change.
Discuss how this style will support sustainable organizational success.
Discuss how this style integrates the organization’s mission and vision.
Discuss how this style will increase value for stakeholders.
Submit your assignment.
Format your information in accordance with APA standards, include in text citations (2 at a minimum) , and use two references.

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