Based on the same topic chosen for the assessment 1 (Covid), identify an epidemiological study
that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal within the past 5 years:
Summarise the study and then critically evaluate the evidence that it provides to public
health practitioners. In doing so, identify and explore its weaknesses and limitations, and make robust recommendations for how the study could have been improved (2000
words). Please note that the epidemiological study that you choose to focus on for this
assessment should not have been considered in the first assessment point.
Your work should include and cover the following sections/aspects and content (as
shown and stated in the table below). The specific percentage marks allocated to each
section/aspect of your work is stated below. Please also note that the Level 7 marking
criteria (located towards the end of this assessment brief) will also be used to reflect this
overall grade. Please remember that achievement and demonstration of both learning
outcomes (1 and 3) is being assessed in this assessment

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