As a senior ship superintendent you have been tasked by your
company to produce a briefing report to advise senior officers on board vessels
and other superintendents in your company about some of the emergencies they
may encounter and how they should be dealt with.
You will need to plan your report carefully ensuring that it
is well structured with headings and subheadings, and provides the required
information concisely.
You have been directed that the document must address the
following potential events:

A company vessel has a minor explosion in one of its tanks during tank cleaning
out at sea. There are no casualties, but the vessel will have to be repaired
before it can proceed for loading. Discuss the actions to be taken by the
vessel and the shore staff in planning to get the vessel back on trade. Also discuss
how to ensure that such an accident can be prevented from occurring in the

A company vessel reports that it has accidentally discharged oil into the sea
while bunkering fuel at anchorage. Write detailed procedures that must be
followed by the vessel and shore staff following this event. Discuss the
required actions of the vessel staff and superintendent of the vessel in such
an emergency (including naming all agencies to be contacted), the superintendent’s
advice to the vessel and how it can be ensured that the vessel completes
bunkering and sails out.

A company vessel immediately needs to get piston rings for its main engine. The
minimum delivery time from the manufacturer and its approved suppliers is four
weeks. How will the superintendent, along with their procurement staff, ensure
that the piston rings are supplied in good time.
NOTE: The word length for this assignment is 2,000 words
(+/- 10%). This excludes the contents page, references/bibliography and any
You must include a suitable introduction, main body of
discussion and then conclusion to your report, followed by a bibliography. The
report must have a structure of headings and subheadings, and you need to
ensure all the sources and references you use are properly acknowledged.

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