All posts and replies must contain at least (2) professional references, one may be the course textbook, properly cited in the current APA format. Remember at the end of your initial discussion to ask a provocative question to prompt online discussion with your peers using bold print.
Discussion Topic
1. Review this unit’s required reading.
2. Think back to your early childhood memories surrounding your gender identity. Reflect on the ways in which your family of origin, community, neighborhood, and teachers treated you specifically related to your biological sex.
3. In a post to the discussion board, connect what you read about in this chapter with these memories:
•Can you remember any specific ways you were stereotyped into stereotypical “boy” or “girl” activities, dress codes, behaviors, or expectations?
•Did you, or any other young children you know, feel any form of resentment or frustration with the ways you were encouraged to conform?
•Do you feel that your geographic area, cultural background, religion, or any other factors contributed to more strict or fluid gender expectations?
•Provide any additional reflections you have about the difference between biological sex and gender fluidity in today’s society.
4. Read others’ posts and respond to at least two posts by adding clarification, asking questions, or adding constructively to the discussion. PLEASE NOTE: this topic could be one that has many strong feelings and personal sensitivities, so use respect in all of your discussions. To guide your responses, consider the following questions:
Why do you agree or disagree with your classmate’s ideas or reasoning?
Which claims best support your classmate’s argument?
Must answer the peer’s initial question in your reply.

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