Additionally to the 14 pages for continuing on the paper, there should be 15 to 20 slides with speaker notes!
’14 pages added to my paper which is Enhancing Veterans’ Job Opportunities in the Federal Government , 15-20 slides with speaker notes”
Please use the attached paper (EMPA 396 written by Gerald Schumacher), as a model for this paper
The following parts of the paper have already been approved by the instructor.
• Abstract
• Chapter 1 – Introduction
• Chapter 2 – Literature Review
• Chapter 3 – Research Methods
Chapters 4-6 still need to be written—
• Chapter 4 – Results and Findings (please use 21-30 as a model paper to analyze research findings noted on Excel spread sheet)
• Chapter 5 – Conclusions (please use pages 31-33 of the model paper to complete chapters 5-6)
• Chapter 6 – Recommendations
Please delete the following appendixes—
Appendix C — How Caltrans Responded to the 2014 SSTI Report
Appendix B – Caltrans Mission, Vision, Goals, Values
Appendix E—Appendix E—Example of Lean Six Sigma Plans at Caltrans
Please relabeled and include the following appendixes—
• Appendix A – Gantt Chart
• Appendix B — Interviews and Surveys
• Appendix C—Survey Questions
• Appendix D—Informed Consent Notification Statement
Please update Table of Content
Please review document labeled Ch. 4- 5formatting for more instructions
Finally, please use the attached Power Point document as a model to create an 18 page Power Point document with speaker’s note based on the final research paper.

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