7 Slide Presentation + 2 Page Paper
Presentations Requirement
 10-15 minutes presentation (with power points)
 Presentation should include accurate medical information, well presented with relevant
diagrams, very short videos, specialty cardiac ultrasound images, with clear and easy to
read fonts
 An electric copy of the project will be required for WCUI library
 A typed written summary (in APA format) will be required to be submitted with the
presentation, not more than three pages, with a refence sheet at the end
 Each student will present part of the project (or the whole project in case of individually
prepared) and be ready to answer related questions
 Students are not to read from a paper or off the screen. They should present the topic in a
profession way
 Every student will submit their own research log stating the references and references
used to obtain the information. Each student is required to find their own resources, not
including Wikipedia

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