1. in the thesis check for the repeation in the data analysis and results and chose appropirate presenation either table or graphs
2. in data processing combine the processing steps of dataset 01 and 02 as well as for methodology
3. Introduction: should be like a storyline, phenotype, importance of phenotype, face different features, importance in forensic science.
9m ·
4. discussion is very important move in the tables in discussion to paragraph form for discussion, add comparioson addition of others works
5. add debate on nose preception studies, how they are useful for forensic case work
6. why and how is preception studies is helpful in forensic science and biometrics
7. add more recent GWAS on facial features
8. my work worth in forensics
9. Conclusion: Add benefits of the research, how helpul in future and the limitiation of the research
10. I added the Phd thesis word format and results are in the ppt form just in case if you need bigger or better figuers

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