please note this is a Human Rights Subject/ Couse
and In this essay you are expected to develop a thesis based on the topic given Genocide politics and Psychology in relation to how Genocide mentality arises/begins please touch up on the relevant facts stated below and other atrocities happening in the world and the reaction of the rest of the world to this atrocity including the current issue of Ukraine.
Atrocity, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity
Rwanda Genocide
War Crimes
Paper Outline
What – Subject – From the general to the specific. That is from context to a single all inclusive sentence that says what the paper will discuss.
Why – Relevance – Of all the topics/theses you could have picked, why this?
How – Method – This paper will use secondary sources that will be appropriately referenced and presented, for example, thematically or temporally.
Present the data/facts as you find them.
Analysis of the arguements in the body with respect to the subject identified in the Intro.
Conclusion – On the basis of the analysis we can conclude

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