For this assignment, you will pretend you are leading a small group or team, and work to create a training proposal essay on a given topic.
Imagine you are an employee in the place you live, work, or worship, for example, and are asked to share what you learned in your communication course on small group communication to produce a needed or positive change at your organization. Be specific on how your training proposal serves your specific organization.
Some suggested topics could be any one of the following:
Small Group Stages: Formats and Culture
How Idea Generating, Sharing, and Problem-Solving Small Groups Operate
The Three Types of Small Group Members and Their Membership Skills
The Concept of Leadership and the Role of Culture in Small Group Communication
Or choose your own topic (be sure to inbox your instructor though if you are unsure if your topic fits the parameters of this assignment)
Your task to present to your supervisor a one page (250 word minimum) proposal in which you identify:
Why your team, group, business, organization, or community needs a training on effective small group communication.
Who the training audience will be at your organization
What the focus and result of the training will be
What specific elements you propose to include (Clearly cite and reference sources in APA Style; minimum of three sources required)
Where the training will take place (Virtual, Live?)
When the training will take place (before an important activity at your organization, for example?)
How the training will be organized.
Assignment Submission:
The use of outside resources is required, and all submissions must be cited and written in current APA format.

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