This analysis should summarize the case study and address the following questions.
Glossier Case Study: Written Assignment Questions
1.) How should Glossier best deploy the $52 million infusion of capital it has just received from its Series C fundraise?
2.) Which of the four paid media programs (peer-to-peer sales representatives, influencer marketing, paid media, and customer loyalty program) should Glossier pursue? Why? How might each of these programs change its relationships with its customers?
3.) Assess Glossier’s distribution strategy options. Should the company open more showrooms? Should it do more pop-ups? Should it begin selling wholesale to retailers like Sephora? Why or why not? How might each of these decisions affect its relationships with its customers?
4.) Across the marketing mix, how can Glossier best utilize its brand community? How does your answer to this question change as the Glossier community exponentially scales?
5.) Assess the strength of the Glossier brand. From what does its strength derive? What weaknesses do you perceive? How sustainable are its brand-related competitive advantages? Why?
6.) Is “best friends” the most effective relational template for Glossier’s desired relationship with its customers? Why or why not? What excites you and what worries you about this type of relationship?

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