for this project please carefully review uploaded files to understand what need to be submitte. and other supporting material needed to master this project. please review the project over view as well as the project rubric. files uploaded.
You work in the communications department at Pasta Amore, an Italian restaurant chain with the following mission: “To provide a warm atmosphere for your family where we can share the traditional cuisines of Italy. Our food will always be fun, fresh, and filled with love.” Pasta Amore has the capacity to open another restaurant and has put you in charge of conducting research on its new location. Your manager has asked you to provide a research analysis and a communication plan outline, with an emphasis on social media, using both qualitative and quantitative information to support your communication recommendations. The outline will focus on how to advertise the restaurant opening while taking into account the target audience demographic and the survey results that your manager has provided. It is important to understand the vision and corporate philosophy of Pasta Amore while working on any communications project. Review the company vision in the image.
Research Analysis
You will conduct an analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to support your communication plan. Be sure to include a section on demographic data analysis as well as an analysis of audience engagement in your research analysis. It should be at least 1,000 words in length.
Communication Plan Proposal
Your communication plan proposal will briefly outline a social media campaign for Pasta Amore’s new restaurant opening, including a focus on social media channels and tone. It should be at least 750 words in length.

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