For this Discussion Board, please complete the following:
Networking can be fun! There are many ways to network online and in person. The benefits of good networking include building important relationships, having opportunities to meet with people in your field, getting some great advice, and learning about best practices that will help you in your career.
One of the ways you can prepare for networking events or even interviews is to think about how you will present yourself in an elevator pitch, which is an opportunity to describe yourself and your skills in a very short time period (about 1 minute).
Consider how you would present yourself in a networking situation or job interview, and then answer the following questions:
How would you respond if a networking contact or potential employer said, “Tell me about yourself”? (Keep in mind that answers to this question should be kept to 1 minute or less.)
Why did you include the information that you did in your post? Is there anything else you might want to include in an elevator pitch?

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