Attached you will find 2 brief documents where it specifies exactly what needs to be done. Brief 1 page 6, with the title The Brief: Individual Brand Case analysis, embodies what is asked for. Brief 2 contains the structure of the report. Please use a word document to create the body/content of the report. Attached is also a sample report to give you an idea – it includes design elements using adobe indesign but that i will do myself. You are in charge of the text part of the report
The trend chosen is Reformation Generation – LSN Global, and the brand for the case study is Vivienne Westwood.
It is important to use academic resources such as LSN and WGSN. Please contact me if you do not have access to these academic resources. I can provide an account where you can access the UAL library.
Please also create or find visual elements such as graphs, data, images.
The report also requires primary research, which I have not done, so feel free to mimic any interviews, surveys and observations. You do not have to actually do them, but just make documents or evidence that can show it was done.
Feel free to contact for any further questions.
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