Using your best writing (correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation), analyze the artist’s use of line, shape, texture, and color. Use proper (and new!) terminology that you learned in the preceding lessons when describing the characteristics of each.
…your analysis into five paragraphs:
Introduction: Describe the overall impact of the work, then analyze specific aspects of the following:
Line: What types of lines are used? What adjectives could you apply to the use of line? (ex., are lines nervous, calm, rigid, shy, etc.?)
Shape: What types of shapes did the artist use in this work? How do the shapes work with each other and how do they work with the use of line?
Texture: Identify the types of texture you observe, using precise vocabulary terms
Color: How would you describe the use of color in this work? What effect does the use of color contribute to the work?
As you compose your analysis, underline each vocabulary term.

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