& Exams
Course: Employment
Law: LGL-554-2206
Assignment: Assignment 1
Johanna applied for a job with Freedonia Publishing, a public
company that oversees 7 newspapers across the United States. Upon receiving her
job, Freedonia Publishing assigned her to a small newspaper in Plainview called
The Town Times. Freedonia Publishing set Johanna’s salary, gave her a job
description, provided her with housing and was solely responsible for all
hiring and firing at The Town Times. The Town Times set her hours and oversaw
her work product and The Town Times logo appeared on her paycheck.
The Town Times has 4 full time employees including Johanna. On
occasion, Johanna’s husband, Emil, would fill in with some of the accounting
work and with filing The Town Time taxes. Emil was never paid for this work.
Johanna moved to Plainview and happily worked at The Town Times
for 3 years before getting her hand stuck in the printing machine. Johanna sues
The Town Times for worker’s compensation. The town of Freedonia requires an
employer to have 5 employees in order to be responsible for workers’
compensation. The Town Times states that it is not responsible for paying
workers’ compensation. Is The Town Times correct? Please explain your answer. Cite a court case that would be relevent to this assignment.

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