Watch the epigenetics video from PBS available as a YouTube link in this folder (second item in the folder). Begin your paper by defining epigenetics in your own words and discussing your reaction to the video.
Interview your family members and complete the Family History-Dr. Oz.pdf . Find out which disease(s) you are most at risk for.
Research and locate one article on epigenetics and whatever disease you are most at risk for (select a study on research conducted on human
You can go over or under a page for any of the sections of the paper as long as your total paper is 1,000 words not counting the references.
General Rules for an “A” Paper (check your paper against this list)
◻ 1,000 words
◻ Original work; plagiarism score of less than 10% (90% original work)
◻ Double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins
◻ Covers all 6 tasks
◻ Spellchecked
◻ College-level grammar
◻ Cite your article APA style (author & year within body of paper; full reference at end)
◻ No abstract, no cover
◻ Place your name and reference number on the first page. Use page numbers.

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