Use required primary resource book you chose. (see syllabus-required textbooks)
Content: All book reviews should have these seven elements:
Information about the author (5%) It is important to know something about the author. Is he or she qualified educationally or by experience to write this book? What other books has this author written? What is the author’s political or philosophical viewpoint? This will require outside research. Start at our library, the county library or on the Internet. See me if you need help.
General Summary of the work (10%) Briefly, explain the book? This paper is not a long summary of the book. Your report should never simply become a long summary of the book.
Author’s Theses, or Conclusions (40%) What is the author is trying to say about their subject. If, for instance, it is a book on American education, does the author think progress has been made? Why or why not? What does he or she think are the strength of American education?
Your Reaction to the Author’s Views (40%) Do you agree or disagree with the author’s views? Why or why not? This is the part of the paper were you can use your own creativity and express your opinions. “Gee, I don’t really know much about this subject, the author seems knowledgeable, so I agree with his or her views, “ is an unacceptable answer. Even if you agree with the author you must elaborate on their conclusions using your notebook, textbook, other reading and research, other classes and personal experience.
Summary and General Recommendations (5%) Briefly, was the book well written or not? Is it footnoted? Is there a bibliography, index, maps, graphics or pictures? Would you recommend the book to anyone else? Why or why not and to whom: the general reader, a student of history, an undergraduate or graduate level student due to its complexity, or what?
Works Cited page A separate page attached to back
Use MLA or APA style
Title Pg. Include your full name, period, class name, date, teacher’s name, title of your paper. separate page attached to front
These two pages do not count as part of the 3 pages.
Format : All papers should follow this format.
Reports should be 3-5 pages in length, type double-spaced, 26-27 lines a page with one-inch margins, 12 point, easily readable font. (This worksheet is an example of a good, 12 point font)
Spelling Should be at college level. Students should not misspell any words in a formal paper. I will allow one misspelled word per page. Thus, a four page paper should have no more than 4 misspelled words. Students will rewrite unacceptable papers.
Proofreading- never submit a paper without proofreading it carefully. Have others proofread your work, too. USE SPELLCHECK!
Citations of quotes or non-quoted ideas-
It is essential to let the reader know the page number of a given quote or idea. You do this immediately after the quote or idea at the end of the sentence. Put the last name of the author in parentheses and follow it with a comma, the page number and a period.
EX: “Blah, blah, blah!” (Author’s last name, 125.)
The author’s full stats should be included on your work cited page. To quote another person or use someone else’s ideas in a paper requires a citation. Otherwise, it is considered plagiarism and the paper will receive a zero.

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