The purpose of your final project is to get you thinking about some of the forms of internet communication — that is, memes! — that you encounter in your own life on a regular basis. The work for the project isn’t too difficult, we’re just asking you to apply some of the concepts and kinds of analyses we’ve been going over in the course to the stuff you interact with.
Here’s what to do:
Choose a meme that you like and understand. You can basically choose whatever meme you want, but here are some guidelines to consider:
It’s best if the meme you choose includes both visual information and linguistic information (text or speaking). It can be a video or an image, just make sure that you can download it, so that you can re-upload for us to see. We don’t want links to other sites.
Don’t choose something that’s potentially offensive. Your meme can include swears, or represent questionable behavior, stuff like that. Just make sure it’s Safe For Work.
If you choose something that’s in another language, make sure you translate the meme appropriately, so that we understand it.
Once you’ve chosen your Original meme, choose two (2) additional meme variations that are somehow related to the first meme through indexicality. Each of the meme variations should relate to the Original meme in different ways.
Now it’s your turn. Create one (1) additional meme that is somehow about our course, but that uses some element (or elements) from the Original meme or its variations. Make sure the meme you make is understandable, because you will be graded according to whether we get it.
DOWNLOAD Download DOWNLOADyour Meme Analysis Form.
Fill out one page for all of the memes you’re working with. The information you’ll need to consider includes:
An informed description of the original meme, including what is represented, and what knowledge is required for someone to fully understand it.
An analysis of what the meme is doing as social action. This need not be complex, but you need to say more than “it’s just funny.”
An informed description of the other three (3) memes, including what is represented, and what knowledge is required in order to fully understand each of them (some of this information will be repeated), and identifying how each of them is related to the other through indexicality.
A description of how the first three (3) memes circulate. Some questions you might consider — though you can consider more, or different ones — are: Where did you find it? Where are some other platforms you can find it? How often do you see it, or some version, shared, and by whom?

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